NameJason Barnucz
Home: Norfolk County, Ontario

Profession: Fisheries Biologist, Fanatical Angler and All Around FishHead!

Twitter: @BassinBiologist
Instagram: BassionBiologist
Facebook Page: Jason Barnucz – The Reel Angle

Jason Barnucz was an angler long before he was a Fisheries Biologist. Jason grew up in rural Southwestern Ontario in Norfolk County. Jason spent most of his childhood exploring local waterways. From farm pond Largemouth Bass to small stream Brook Trout to Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike on Long Point Bay, Lake Erie. There was, and still is, lots of great opportunities for anglers in Norfolk County! Jason enjoys chasing all fish species to this day including non-game species like Channel Catfish, Panfish and Common Carp. As a Fisheries Biologist, Jason is on the water as much as 100 days per year without a fishing rod in his hand. Through this he has amassed a vast knowledge of fishes, including their biology and habitats. Jason loves combining his knowledge of fisheries science with his passion for fishing! Jason regularly delivers seminars each year about fisheries techniques, fisheries biology and fisheries conservation. Most of these seminars are presented to fishing clubs, youth groups and natural resource stewardship groups. Jason is also active in many ‘fishy’ organizations including the Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation, Trout Unlimited and the American Fisheries Society. If you want to read more about some of the unique fisheries Jason is invovled with you can follow him on Research Gate: