2018 “Hooked on Norfolk” Fishing Contest

It’s the last weekend of Canada’s National Fishing Week so its time for a fishing contest! Contest Rules: 1. Take a picture or video of your big catch or favourite fishing spot in Norfolk County, Ontario. 2. Share on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or all three, and use the tag #hookedonnorfolk and #norfolktour All eligible …

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2018 Larval Gar Collections

Collecting and studying juvenile Gar has been a challenging project to say the least. These elusive fish have proven hard to catch as they are masters of disguise in their habitat. A very informative few weeks. #gar #spottedgar #longnosegar #prehistoric #primitive #primitivefish #fisheries #science #research #monitoring #fieldwork #scifieldwork #greatlakes #fish #fishes #biodiversity #lakeerie #wetlands #marsh …

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Fishing License sales on the rise in the United States

Great news for anglers and fishing industry according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. According to data released by the USFWS, the number of people who bought sportfishing licenses in 2016 increased 1.2 percent over 2015 levels. With a drop of 4.7% in 2011 there has been an overall increase fishing license sales of …

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Higher than average water levels expected for Great Lakes continues through 2018.

Higher than average Great Lakes water levels expected through 2018. #greatlakes #waterlevels #lakeerie #lakeontario #lakehuron #lakemichigan #lakeontario

Spring fish kills are frequent so don’t be alarmed.

Each and every spring fish kills often happen, especially in northern latitudes, as ice thaws and open water appears. Fish populations in northern climates have evolved to manage with these seasonal changes each year. It is not always a pleasant site to see a shoreline littered with dead or dying fish. However, don't be alarmed …

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Phosphorous levels not declining at a fast enough rate may call for new measures.

Nearly four years after Toledo’s 2014 water crisis, the Maumee River and other western Lake Erie tributaries are still besieged by algae-forming phosphorus.

Incredible seiche on Lake Michigan captured in images.

Some incredible weather this weekend! A seiche caused part of Lake Michigan to rise 13.9 inches in just 42 minutes around 12:30 p.m. on Friday, April 13. Full story in the link below: http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2018/04/lake_michigan_pier_completely.html Photo Credit: Todd and Brad Reed Photography

The value of single vs repeat spawning in Steelhead populations.

As we head into peak Steelhead spawning in the lower Great Lakes here is an interesting read about the pros and cons of repeat spawners vs single spawners within Steelhead populations. “Steelhead trout that spawn multiple times have more than twice the lifetime reproductive success of single spawning trout, suggesting there is a substantial benefit …

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Night Time is Ice Time

Had a fun couple of hours ice fishing on Lake Ontario the other night. Ice season is in full swing here in the Great Lakes Region. Was happy to get out onto the lake with a local friend and try for some of these deep water winter Walleyes. My setup consisted of 36 inch Fenwick …

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