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Bluegills and Big Smiles!

Bluegills and Big Smiles! #spring #fishing #family #bluegill #norfolkcounty #lakeerie

Spring Time is Stream Time

In the late winter/early spring many of our local streams here in Norfolk County have lots of areas closed to fishing until the 4th Saturday in April. This is to protect local Rainbow Trout during their sensitive spawning season. It... Continue Reading →

2017 Toronto Sportsmen’s Show

Do you like fishing? Do you want to check out the latest fishing gear and learn some new fishing tips and tricks? Then drop by the Toronto Sportsmen Show from March 15 to 19, 2017! Fishing Seminars at the Toronto... Continue Reading →

Seminar Time: Fishing Diversity in the Thames River

Do you want to hear about how I make the most of my fishing along the Thames River and other rivers in Southern Ontario? Do you want to learn about the many great fish species you can target from the... Continue Reading →

2017 Spring Fishing and Boat Show

Every year many anglers in Ontario make the trek to the International Centre to attend the Spring Fishing and Boat Show. This annual event is a wonderful event hosted by the Canadian Outdoor Sport Shows. The COSS is operated by... Continue Reading →

2017 Spring Fishing and Boat Show

The Spring Fishing and Boat Show is an annual tradition of our family! Are you attending or considering it? If so, here are some details.

Music Mondays!

After their appearance on the Grammy's last night let's start the week off with a little Metallica and some Enter Sandman!

Friday deliveries!!

Hello Friday! My...what sweet deliveries you have! 🎣😍

So I decided to send that awesome selfie (aka "the Fishie") of us to the Ontario Out of Doors Magazine "Memory Bank" website. This website is a great way for OOD readers to share their outdoors memories! Well, we were... Continue Reading →

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