Night Time is Ice Time

Had a fun couple of hours ice fishing on Lake Ontario the other night. Ice season is in full swing here in the Great Lakes Region. Was happy to get out onto the lake with a local friend and try for some of these deep water winter Walleyes. My setup consisted of 36 inch Fenwick …

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Berkley Fishing giving anglers portable power on the water!

More and more anglers are using electronics on the water, and on the ice, as part of our enjoyment of the outdoors. Berkley Fishing has made it easier than ever for anglers to bring portable power with them. Berkley has developed two Power Pack Batteries to keep your electronics charged and ready to go. Anglers can choose …

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Tournament Preparation – Hardcopy and Digital

Recently I have been asked how I would prepare for tournaments including some of my decision making. I thought it would be a timely topic to expand on. Here are some tips I use for tournament preparation. For this first installment I will review how collecting data efficiently and accurately during your pre-fishing can help …

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The Berkley Havoc Sick Fish – This swimbait is SICK!!!!

I know more and more of us here in the north are using swimbaits in our arsenal of tackle.When I chat with our brethren to the south a swimbait is a regular tool in the tackle box. Berkley has a new swimbait in their Havoc line that I am really looking forward to putting through …

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Berkley Twitchtail Minnow – A Finesse Bait That Packs A Punch!!

Taking a break tonight from a variety of fishing related tasks I have spent lots of time reading up on some of the baits I want to work into my 2013 tackle arsenal. One of the baits on the top of my list is the Berkley PowerBait Twichtail Minnow. For any anglers that know me …

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Hard Life Panfishing – Part 2

Introduction If you have read much about panfish foraging habits the humans in this movie could easily relate to your average Amphipod, Mayfly larvae or small fish.  In Part 1 of this two part article I covered off the basics in rods, reels and line selection for a few different ice fishing situations for panfish. …

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Hard Life Panfishing – Part 1

With all of the white stuff outside and these gradually colder nights we are in the midst of winter here in Canada. YAHOO I say! Time to say goodbye to shorts (for at least a couple months) and say hello to floater suits, heavy boots and other assorted winter clothing! It is ice fishing season! …

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