Berkley Twitchtail Minnow – A Finesse Bait That Packs A Punch!!

Taking a break tonight from a variety of fishing related tasks I have spent lots of time reading up on some of the baits I want to work into my 2013 tackle arsenal. One of the baits on the top of my list is the Berkley PowerBait Twichtail Minnow.

For any anglers that know me I have a real addiction when it comes to finesse fishing for big Smallmouth Bass. I love fishing a drop shot or dragging a tube in just about any lake. This new drop shot bait from Berkley is right up my alley. For years I have used the Berkley Gulp Alive Minnow as a ‘go to’ drop shot bait. This little bait has put a lot of fish in the livewell and helped cash a few cheques along the way.

What intrigues me about the Twitchtail Minnow is this bait has the right size, shape and action that has caught lots of fish. It also comes in a variety of great colours! From these great traits it has one amazing feature from other ‘finesse’ baits. This bait really packs a bunch due to its durability!

This bait is made with the very durable Powerbait plastic. This plastic is more durable than many other plastics on the market. Several ‘finesse’ style drop shot baits are made of very supple, soft plastics that don’t last long in the field. Many of these finesse plastics are lost after after each fish. Being made of the same scent and flavor impregnated plastic as other PowerBait products gives this bait a fish catching edge as well!

Can’t wait to put this bait through its paces in 2013!!!!!

Berkley Havoc Bag Design Smelt Black Shad Perch Clear Smelt Golden Shiner

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