Night Time is Ice Time

Had a fun couple of hours ice fishing on Lake Ontario the other night. Ice season is in full swing here in the Great Lakes Region. Was happy to get out onto the lake with a local friend and try for some of these deep water winter Walleyes.

My setup consisted of 36 inch Fenwick Elite Tech Ice Rods, Pflueger President XT Spinning Reels, 10lb Berkley Fireline Micro Ice, 10lb Berkley 100% Flouro Leader, and various jigging spoons. Glow spoons definitely drew more attention than lures. Spoons were tipped with a minnow head and jigged near the bottom. Jigging cadence was varied based on each fish’s reaction to the bait. Fish location and behaviour was only possible using my Vexilar FLX28 Ultra Pack and my Garmin Montana 610 GPS unit.

Check out my YouTube video of my quick trip: