Berkley Fishing giving anglers portable power on the water!

More and more anglers are using electronics on the water, and on the ice, as part of our enjoyment of the outdoors. Berkley Fishing has made it easier than ever for anglers to bring portable power with them. Berkley has developed two Power Pack Batteries to keep your electronics charged and ready to go. Anglers can choose a smaller 2.4 Amp version for charging cell phones, small cameras, etc. and larger 9 Amp version for charging larger electronics, fish finders, etc.

Berkley Power Pack – 2.4 Amp

Each unit comes with three forms of connecting your electronics. The first connection I use the most is the USB connection for easily charging your tablets or cell phones. Some days on the water my cell phone is my primary form of collecting data (pictures, video, waypoints, etc.) and the the small 2.4 Amp version is great for this. The second connection are two battery posts that anglers could use alligator clips to operate electronics like a flasher or fish finder. I have found these posts handy for running small pumps (bilge pumps, aerators) as a back up when other batteries fail. The third feature of these units I love is the 12 volt DC connection. This is great for powering my Berkley Filet Knife. This feature makes cleaning fish anywhere a breeze.

Berkley Power Pack – 9 Amp

If you are looking for a rugged, reliable power supply for your electronics on the water or the ice this is the unit for you. For more information about these products check out the link below from Tackle Warehouse. If you have any questions about this product or any other Berkley products email me at

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