Spring Time is Stream Time


In the late winter/early spring many of our local streams here in Norfolk County have lots of areas closed to fishing until the 4th Saturday in April. This is to protect local Rainbow Trout during their sensitive spawning season. It is still a great time of year to get out and appreciate local streams with a camera instead of a fishing rod. Our family enjoys taking walks along local streams in late March and early April to observe spawning fish.


Today, armed with our cameras, Trevor and I headed out to see if some fish were active in our local stream, Big Creek. Big Creek flows through the Town of Delhi which sits central in the watershed of this coldwater tributary of Lake Erie. Big Creek is home to a great population of Steelhead but also has many other species.

We did not see many fish today but it was great to be out and see some country today. Trevor and I spent a short time in Delhi then drove some local roads to check conditions of other local streams. We are looking forward to the opening of Trout Season in a few weeks time.


What do you need to make the most when visiting a local stream?

Footwear: Always wear good boots. Preferably waterproof but not necessary. Your shoes will likely get muddy so avoid your Sunday best.

Sunglasses: Always pack some sunglasses, preferably glasses with polarized glasses. Many brands are available on the market with UVA and UVB protection. Berkley makes many quality and inexpensive sunglasses with sizes and styles for the entire family.


Cameras: Some still images and video are always a great way to capture any trip. A smart phone will fit the bill for many people these days. Another option is a nice point and shoot camera. If you want to capture some great ‘leaping fish’ images you may need a camera with some additional features. I prefer a DSLR so I can adjust the shutter speed and aperature for some great images of our fishy friends. However, some point and shoot cameras can capture some great images.

Backpack: I really like my Lowepro Fastpack. This backpack carries all the camera gear you need and it has additional room for snacks, drinks and even has an all weather cover. Small enough your kids may even want to carry it for you!  The pack we use I purchased at Henry’s. Lowepro makes a variety of packs to suit anyone’s needs.


Food and Drink: Food and drinks are great to back, especially when taking kids along. Always a necessity when burning some calories in the outdoors.

So, even if you are not the greatest river angler and the local streams are closed to fishing fear not….there is lots to see and enjoy! Get out and enjoy your local streams and our fishy friends!