Spring Panfish – The Convenient Choice

Even the most passionate/dedicated Anglers are bogged down with a busy life and finding time to cast a rod becomes a challenge. During the spring of the year Panfish are a great means of bending a few rods during a busy schedule.

Yesterday I stopped by a local lake on the way home from work to wet a line and hopefully bend a rod.  I was not disappointed as I quickly landed over a dozen panfish in a short time. The Black Crappie and Bluegill were actively feeding and good artificials is all that as needed to quickly put a few fish on the bank.

Black Crappie

The warm weather recently has seen an algae bloom on local ponds/lakes. This can be problematic for those on the bank. The key to my success yesterday was Berkley Fishing Nanofil (8lb). This line allowed me to easily cast beyond the thick algae mats to reach active fish. I used 4lb Berkley 100% Flourocarbon Leader Material to help get the fish back through the algae mats back to the bank.

Algae Mats

Thick algae mats lined the shore. I could see signs of fish moving along the edges of the mats. I needed to make long casts to the edge of the mats to catch active fish. Then I had to get fish back through the mats. Reminiscent of frogging for Largemouth Bass on a summers days!

Tip: Keep fishing rods/tackle handy. You never know when an opportunity to wet a line will happen!

Complete Gear list:
🐟 Johnson Crappie Buster Tubes
🐟 Pflueger President Limited Edition (Size 25)
🐟 Fenwick HMG Spinning Rod (6’6″ Light Action)
🐟 Thill Pro Series Slip Floats